The much-needed solution for the Migrant Crisis

"To prevent disaster from unfolding, European politicians have to act now. The solution is not even complicated, but it requires a total revision of the current policies"

Trump forming controversial administration

As the countdown for his presidency begins, Trump's choice of personnel and advisors has already sparked aversion, but also encouragement

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'Fake news' flooding social media

Observers warn about an ‘epidemic of fake news’ flooding social media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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Europe sees the need for joint defense force

Since the election of Trump, many European leaders have become anxious about the stability of the NATO alliance, prompting many to call for narrower military cooperation

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Russian-backed coup prevented in Montenegro

Among rising tensions with the West, the Russian-backed coup in the former Yugoslavian country of Montenegro was one of many attempts to gain more control

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Berlin is booming

After years of high unemployment rates, the de facto capital of Europe is once again bustling with job opportunities. Lowest unemployment since the fall of the Berlin wall

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Brazil mourns victims of fatal plane crash

Mourners in Brazil are coming together to commemorate the victims of a recent plane crash that wiped out an entire soccer team.

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Conflict in Eastern Ukraine drags on

Ukrainian armed forces continue to resist the occupation of parts of their territory by Russian-backed separatists and the Russian army.

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Top 3 best-paid artists of 2016

Find out which musicians earned most this year.

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Police in Germany crack down on radical mosques

Authorities in Germany have performed several raids over the last months against mosques and other Islamic institutions.

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