JIHAD IN EUROPE: how to fight radical Islamic terror

The savage attack in Berlin is part of an ongoing campaign by radical Islamists to destabilize Europe. Read what we should do to counter this danger.

Populist parties hidden agenda revealed!

Populist parties hidden agenda is revealed when looking at their connections and funding. Find out here how millions of voters are fooled by these parties.

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STUNNING DETAILS: How Russia ‘hacked’ the US Elections

The Russian government used a number of different strategies to influence the November US elections.

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Europe sees the need for joint defense force

Since the election of Trump, many European leaders have become anxious about the stability of the NATO alliance, prompting many to call for narrower military cooperation

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Russian-backed coup prevented in Montenegro

Among rising tensions with the West, the Russian-backed coup in the former Yugoslavian country of Montenegro was one of many attempts to gain more control

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Trump blackmail by Russia subject of intense rumour

Still many people debate the possible Trump blackmail by Russia online, on tv and in class- and living rooms. What is behind the “Trump blackmail-gate”?

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Will blockchain banking create a financial revolution?

Some people might have never heard of it, but experts believe the introduction of Blockchain banking is destined to change our lives.

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The simple truth about losing weight

The secret behind losing weight is plain and simple. What’s even better? It is available to everybody and totally free. Read here what the weight industry doesn’t want you to know.

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5 tips on how to become a STAR in no time!

Everybody wants to become a super star, but few succeed. Don’t worry! Here are some easy tips on how to become a star before you know it! WOW! CHECK IT OUT!

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Rules of Sharia Law and cruel punishments in Saudi Arabia

The largest economy in the Middle East is ruled by a dynasty of kings that strictly uphold the rules of Sharia law, the Islamic legal system. Find out their gruesome punihsments here!

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