Suzanne’s Blog

I have been thinking lately about a major problem for today’s media, namely the lack of trust. Events in recent years and especially the US elections have made this problem very clear. The decline of trust has accelerated so rapidly since Donald Trump’s victory that we find ourselves in a bizarre, unprecedented situation. Right is wrong and up is down, it seems Establishment news is repeating the same old tactics, while media outlets from dictatorships like Russia, Turkey and Qatar try to present themselves as alternative media, against the mainstream. Against the mainstream? By all means! But when informing yourself you must remember where your news comes from and switch to real alternative media like 360 News!

I wish you all a happy and informative 2017!

Helga-Maria’s Blog

“The best thing about working for 360 is that I get to work with amazing people from all around the world. The international nature of my work has really broadened my perspective on global affairs.”
Helga-Maria Novak – Field Correspondent Central-Eastern Europe

Suzanne’s Blog

“For me as a journalist, it is hard to understand why establishment media are so tame in times like these. The media is supposed to be the first line of defence against encroaching radicalism and authoritarianism. Instead, establishment outlets blindly support the status quo narrative and thereby  seem blind for the worries of ordinary people. These people then fall prey to misinformation and propaganda by the enemies of free speech.” – Suzanne Ducourt – Senior Investigate Reporter, 360 News

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